Buffalo Business Owner Arrested for Failure To Register As A Sex Offender

Published by Scott Rice on

On 08-16-2023, Sgt. Carriger was notified that Buffalo business owner, Travis Tosh, was living and working at the “Endeavor House” in Buffalo. Sgt. Carriger located a sex offender registration out of Polk County, Missouri, for Travis Wade Tosh dated 6/7/2023 and signed by Travis. He listed that he was unemployed with no volunteering status and lived at an address in Halfway, Missouri.

Sheriff Rice and Sgt. Carriger located Travis at the Endeavor House where he was reported to be living. Travis was taken to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, advised of his Miranda Warning, and questioned regarding the allegations. During the interview, Travis admitted to staying overnight on an average of ten (10) nights per month, volunteering at the Endeavor House, and using the name “Travis Wade” so that his past record wouldn’t be known to others.

Travis has previous convictions within Taney County, Missouri, for failing to register as a sexual offender. Travis admitted that was due to a residency violation that is similar to the residency violation in this investigation.

Travis is required to register as a sexual offender due to being convicted of multiple counts of possession of child pornography on 02/06/2006 in Jackson County, Missouri. Victim’s listed in those cases were all under the age of seventeen (17).

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